SOME SIGNIFICANT DATA Since its creation, Institut Universitaire de la Côte has trained :  3 322 Higher Technicians   2 312 Professional Bachelor graduates 422 Professional Master graduates 108 computer and network, telecommunications engineers 109 Bachelor in International Business (ISUGA)  46 Bachelor Polytech Nancy  605 specialists (Bac +2) in  Information and Communication Technology (ICT)  Excellent Renown Nationally


NGASSA TAMDOUM Stephan : «Currently in the process of obtaining my degree ” Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering ”. My 3-year course at IUC wasn’t what I originally aspired for. But encouraged and supported by my parents, I went ahead. From the first year, it wasn’t easy, but through hard work, I integrated and today I am satisfied. Actually, I have lots […]

Deans speak to their community

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