A word from the Founding President


Founding President of Institut Universitaire de la Côte

Institut Universitaire de la Côte (IUC) is a great Private Higher Educational Institution whose mission is to build vocational training of students from Cameroon and from foreign nationalities looking for high academic standards. Our cycles of training are: Technicians (Higher National Diploma), Technologists (Bachelor of Technology), Managers (Bachelor & Master of Science), Engineers (Bachelor & Master of Engineering), Health Professionals (Bachelor of Science), and Agronomist (Bachelor & Master of Agriculture) for the development of companies, entrepreneurship, and progress of the society.

Created in 2002 at Logbessou (Douala V), to become The Pole of Excellence In Africa and the leading institution for companies, IUC targets candidates holding at least a Baccalaureate/Advanced Level – option: Industrial, Technical, paramedical, scientific and arts whose ambition is to become supervisor, senior manager or engineer, nurse, agronomist- entrepreneur.      

Institut Universitaire de la Côte is made up of  05 schools :

  • The Higher Institute of Technologies and Industrial Design (ISTDI), with programmes focused on industrial & technology specialties;  
  • The Institute of Commerce and Business Engineering (ICIA), lectures delivered in this school relate to commercial, communication, management, legal career and business engineering specialties;
  • The Institute of Computer Engineering of Central Africa (3IAC), specialised in engineering courses in computer engineering and Information Technology.     
  • The International Programs of Science and Technology of Innovation (PISTI), is an institution with an international coverage and offers to students the opportunity to train in the domains of industry, technology and paramedical sciences ; its peculiarity is that it trains holders of scientific Baccalaureate in basic sciences for direct integration into year three and/ or four of an engineering cycle at IUC and/or in our partners schools in Europe, Asia, Africa…
  • The School of Engineering & Applied Sciences (SEAS), is a school at the heart of purely anglo –saxon training at IUC, for young Cameroonians of the sub-region and Africa, holders of a GCE/AL or any equivalent degree. SEAS offers trainings in Business, Engineering, Technology, Allied Health, and Agriculture on undergraduate and postgraduate level.


All these schools offer training courses for level Bac+2Bac+3/4 and Bac+5/6 and, are renowned for their international nature in the sense that they are linked to the new BMP system. The skills acquired by our students, as well as the spirit of inclusion and adaptation that we inculcate in them enable them to successfully carry out missions assigned to them in any organisations and to consider all possible options for their future career in a living global environment, and wherein the environment is demanding.   


IUC has two (02) ultra-modern campuses, laboratories and training workshops well-equipped and complying with advanced technology.    


 The rationale for first national in the ranking of MINESUP with regard to PHEI offering training courses in BTS Cycle in Cameroon (2015, 2016, 2018, 2019), is justified by the high demand and the quality of trainings at IUC through excellent results. The support in the process of integrating students in the professional milieu, are some indicators reflecting the involvement of IUC in the development of our country’s economy. Thus, registering at IUC is an imperative for any candidate wishing to succeed his/her training career.

A word from the Founding President
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