The world is moving at an unbelievable pace and there is a significant growth in the number of enterprises. Despite the constant avaibility of employment, employers find it more and more difficult to recruit competent workers, capable of meeting the needs of their structures.          

Given this situation, Mister Paul GUIMEZAP, decided to contribute in solving this problem, by implementing, in the Littoral Region, Wouri Department, Douala V Division, at Logbessou neighborhood, a HIGHER INSTITUTE whose qualities respond to the requirements of companies.    

This is how ISTDI (Higher Institute of Technology and Industrial Design) was created by Order N° 02/0094/MINESUP/DDES/ESUP of September 13, 2002 and opening authorisation N° 0102/MINESUP/DDES/ESUP of Septembre 18, 2002.

Concerned with the university growth and autonomy, ISTDI became Institut Universitaire de la Côte (IUC) in 2011 by Order N°5/05156/N/MINESUP/DDES/ESUP/SAC/ebm. The institution has five (5) schools mainly :

  1. ISTDI (Higher Institute of Technologies and Industrial Design) : a school which trains students in BTS cycles, Bachelor and Master’s Degree in industrial and technology fields
  2. ICIA (Institute of Commerce and Business Engineering), trains students in BTS business and management cycles, Bachelor’s and Master executive programmes.
  3. 3IAC (Institute of Computer Engineering of Central Africa) offers engineering and Master’s degree in the fields of IT and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with foreign partnerships.  
  4. PISTI (International Programs of Science and Technology of Innovation), is specialised in training students in specialties for preparatory classes into great Engineering Schools in partnership with top international universities (France, Portugal, Italy and India among others).  
  1. SEAS (School of Engineering and Applied Sciences) offers pure anglo-saxon training programmes in technical, industrial, business and management fields. 

With time, the Pole of Excellence in Africa opened another campus located in Akwa in the heart of Douala.

The school welcomes and offers various training curricula to students from Central African sub-region in the cycles BAC+2, BAC+3 et Bac+5 thanks to its prestigious national and international partners. Also, IUC has an international centre for PEARSON VUE certification and trains in many certifications: CISCO, LABVIEW, HUAWEI, MICROSOFT, LINUX, ORACLE.

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