Community Life


      Institut Universitaire de la Côte, formerly called ISTDI, is a real crucible for academic and professional training of young African and elsewhere since its creation in 2002. Since then, many professionals assert themselves in the world of employment and defend the colours of the Institute, the essence par excellence of their professional career. From the HND to Masters’ degree through the professional Bachelor, preparatory classes and engineering diploma, industrial, Technology, Business and Management are represented. They are many around the world to supervise various business projects that they initiated once they graduated. 

      The alumni network, implemented in January 30, 2017, comprises former and new students who are now graduates, who officiate and prove their effectiveness in different part of the globe. This network is aimed at strenghtening the links between students from the same institution and various promotion. It is a mean of facilitating their mutual occupational integration, most of them becoming executives, entrepreneurs or business manager.   


Students from IUC remained involved in the activities of the institution by putting in place a network of graduates: IUCAN. The aim of IUCAN since its implementation is to create a multidisciplinary international network of assistance to employability and mutual support within IUC community. The purpose is to enable each one to enrich their professional network, boost their career, participate in the growth of IUC and maintain the links between students. 

Community Life
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