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Our laboratories

 Institut Universitaire de la Côte has well-equipped and operational laboratories for the great pleasure of its students. 

These are laboratories in the health domain (nursing care, physiotherapy, etc.), industrial and technology domains (electronics, automation, civil engineering, mechanical manufacturing, etc.) business and management (business communication, journalism, publicity, etc.).

Among these laboratories, there are:

  • Nursing laboratories made up of a mannequin representing the physical shape of a human being and a maternity ward is proudly installed within the premises of the campus.  
  • Physiotherapy laboratory has tools such as effort stations, parallel bars.  

In the same vein, IUC put in place PDMD (the Medical Diagnostic Plateform of Douala), an ideal setting for practicals for students in health sciences or those who had the opportunity to complete their training with advanced devices. 

Electrical engineering laboratory is equipped for creating AC power, creating DC power and practicing electrical circuits.   

  • A laboratory for computer graphics and publicity specialties has not been left behind. It has computers, high definition camera and quality printers.   
  • A laboratory for industrial specialties is made up of engines measured on the test bench; on-board diagnostic devices and many more.
  • Note that institut Universitaire de la Côte equally has a professionnal TV studio for students in journalism and communication.

For youth employment, the Institute wishes to offer its learners quality training by systematically combining theory to practice

Our laboratories
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